Covid-19 Update: Priority #1 - Homeowner & Customer Safety

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If you’re getting estimates from deck contractors in NJ, you may be surprised by the limited time offered on many contracts. Doesn’t it seem like you used to have more time to choose and decide? If you’ve gotten a quote to build a new back for your home and wonder why you need to make a decision fast, it’s for a very important reason: the cost of lumber is all over the place! Keep reading to find out why.

Post-Pandemic Lumber Shortage

The biggest factor driving challenges in the supply of decks is the lumber shortage that happened after the pandemic. Lumber prices skyrocketed to four times higher than in the past, and slowly started decreasing in price. This puts contractors and handyman services in a tight place—we want to give you an accurate price, but don’t want to lose money, either.

Labor Shortage

Adding to the lumber shortage, most places across the nation are experiencing a labor shortage. Without enough capable people to build decks, remodel homes, or do household maintenance, many professionals are having to tighten their belts, raise prices, and put stricter time limits in place.

Increased Demand

Perfecting this hassle is the fact that there is increased demand for handyman services throughout New Jersey. As the economy reopens, people are investigating the long-term plans they can make to improve their quality of life, especially as many people continue to work from home and plan to do so on a long-term basis. Many homeowners are trying to make their home office, back yard, and other at-home elements the best they can be.

If you want to get a beautiful new deck built at your NJ home, you’ll have to act fast. Make sure you’re ready to get started on work soon and call Around the House Handyman today to get started!!