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The best handyman services in New Jersey are busy at work with household maintenance tasks. Keeping up a house is hard work! Centuries ago, people who owned large homes also had a large staff to keep up with that house, but in today’s world, everything is DIY—unless you work with a handyman. You may not realize it, but your household maintenance could be so much easier with regular handyman services. What sorts of regular maintenance tasks can a handyman do? Check out these ideas and see if we can help you!

Smooth Operations

For your home to operate smoothly, there are many things that regularly need attention. For example, the filter on your HVAC system needs changing at least quarterly, and when was the last time you vacuumed the coils to your refrigerator, or your dryer vent? Do you love checking and cleaning gutters? Around the House handyman in NJ makes these tasks easy. We can help keep things oiled and ready to go, like sliding door tracks, hinges, and garage door openers.

Handyman in NJ Weatherproof Your Home

Keeping the outside out and inside climate in is important for your home. That’s why you need to make sure that your windows, doors, and vents work properly. Not feeling a household check? Let a Sparta handyman handle it. From checking and repairing screens, to installing window protection, to addressing trim and caulk, we keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Seasonal Maintenance

New Jersey’s handyman professionals know that our 4 seasons present a challenge for household maintenance. If you have a home without central air, you may need to install and remove your window AC with the seasons—not to mention cleaning up all those fallen leaves. Repair your deck or porch with ease, and make sure screens are clear for a beautiful view.
Unfortunately, your home can’t care for itself—you need to find a way to do it! If you struggle with these tasks, or have a better use for your time, leave it to the professionals at Around the House Handyman!