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Is your basement pulling its weight? NJ’s best handyman knows that plenty of basements in New Jersey are being underused, especially in the summers months. Keep reading to see how a basement remodel could help you keep your cool this summer!

Move Your Living Room To The Remodeled Basement This Summer

Your basement may be 10 degrees cooler than the rest of your home. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience a drop in temperature without cranking up the AC? Due to the natural heating and cooling of the earth, as well as the fact that warm air naturally rises, your basement may be the coldest part of the house. Make it the coolest with a basement remodel! If your family spends a lot of time in the living room or family room, bringing this space downstairs could keep you cooler all summer, while saving money.

Build A Basement in NJ And Give Your Family Some Space

Ever find your face getting hot when the kids are running around? Why not give them their own space—or claim a space for yourself? Building a finished basement under your house opens up so many options! A custom basement builder in NJ can help you build a playroom, a gaming space, a workout space, a home office, or anything in-between.

Don’t Forget To Waterproof Your Basement in Sparta!

No matter what your plans for your remodeled basement may be, don’t forget the waterproofing! Water intrusion won’t just spoil your plans, it could ruin your home. Talk with your local handyman to figure out what sorts of waterproofing services you need for your basement, then start planning your remodel.

For all of your basement remodel, basement building, basement waterproofing, and general handyman services in Sparta or beyond, give Around the House Handyman a call.