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Have the spring rains done damage to your basement? NJ’s basement renovation specialists know that water intrusion into your basement can start small, but build up to major problems with mold, rot, and decay. Keep reading to see how a basement waterproofing and renovation service can preserve your home.

Finish Your Basement Surfaces with Waterproof Materials

If your basement has small leaks, you can seal them in and renovate your basement to be more waterproof. Some basement ideas that our customers love is installing basement flooring with a waterproof barrier, adding a window to your basement to let some moisture evaporate naturally, and finishing the walls and ceilings with basement-grade, waterproofed materials.

Install a Sump Pump With A Basement Remodeler

If your basement floods, you need an effective way to remove that standing water. This keeps the water from doing more damage, and will leave you prepared for the worst of storms. Basement sump pumps can be the most important part of waterproofing your basement for the future, and are easy to install when you work with a basement remodeler in NJ.

Install a Dehumidifier with NJ’s Basement Builders

Summers in New Jersey get human, and NJ’s basement builders know that your basement can get musty, moldy, and unpleasant when the humidity is too high. Plus, you may find yourself having to spend more on air conditioning costs when it’s humid to offset that sticky, wet feeling. Why not tackle the problem at the source and remove the humidity from the air with a dehumidifier? When you hire a skilled basement builder in New Jersey, you can pull the moisture out of your basement and your whole house, leaving everything feeling a little dryer and cooler.

Call your trusted local handyman to plan your basement remodel in New Jersey today!