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What should you plan for a family holiday gift this season? A basement remodel by Sparta’s best basement remodelers may not be the idea that jumps to mind first, but think of what a great gift this would be for the whole family! Keep reading to see how a basement remodel can be the gift that keeps on giving all year!

Unlimited Movies and Games in Your New Basement
One of the hottest remodel trends for basements is to build in movies, games, and other entertainment. Could you imagine how much nicer your basement would be with movie-theater style seats? When you remodel your basement, you can include acoustic panels, surround sound, and special lighting with ease.

Your Remodeled Basement Could Be A Source of Extra Income
Forget the movies—maybe you want your basement to generate extra income for your family! You can make that happen if you renovate your basement to be a space for rent. Renting out a room or remodeled basement makes so much sense in today’s economy—whether you rent to a family member or friend, or find a new person to add to your home, renting out space in your remodeled basement can help pay all the bills.

Build a 24-7 Gym, Recreation Room, or Bar
Do you love to socialize… but mostly with people you like already? Why not build a private space to socialize at home? You can build a gym, a recreation room, a home bar, or anything else that fits in your lifestyle when you hire a handyman to remodel your basement! Your basement remodel may include things like adding plumbing and water access, updating lighting and flooring, or even building-in structures like bars or seating.

Take the party downstairs this holiday season—and show them your newly remodeled basement! Around the House can help plan and build!