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If you’re interested in interior home remodeling in New Jersey, winter is a great time to get it done! Many homeowners in NJ are trying to make their homes the best they can be, including remodeling their kitchens. Could your cooking space use an upgrade this winter? See some great ideas for a kitchen remodel from Around the House!

Update Leaky, Old Plumbing To Save On Water Bills
Does your plumbing leak a little? Or maybe a lot? Water bills in New Jersey are rising alongside everything else, and earth-conscious homeowners are also concerned about how much water is being used. It may not seem like it, but that old, leaky faucet could be letting gallons upon gallons of water escape. Even more, modern plumbing fixtures are generally more water efficient. For simple plumbing repairs during your kitchen remodel, a handyman in NJ is the right person to call.

NJ’s Home Remodelers Replace Kitchen Floors
When you remodel your kitchen, you want it to look the best from the top to the bottom—including the floors! Whether you choose real hardwood, luxury vinyl plank, stone tiles, or something else, you want an expert in kitchen remodeling to make sure these are installed properly, so your home stays waterproofed and hygienic. That’s why you need an experienced handyman in NJ.

Add Tile To Your Kitchen Remodel
A trend that continues to grow more popular year after year is tile! Tile isn’t just for the floors anymore, you kitchen would look great with a tile backsplash around the sink, tiled back panel behind your stove, or even tiled countertops. With so many colors, shapes, and styles available, you can find the perfect tile to install in your kitchen.
Take advantage of the winter nesting trend and start planning your kitchen remodel today! Once you’ve got an idea of what you might like, call Around the House in New Jersey to start your project.