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When your sink is clogged, you have a mess on your hands! How do you clear a clogged drain on your own, and when is it time to hire a professional? The expert handymen at Around the House in Sparta, NJ share their favorite tips.

Level 1: Easy Fixes
A little clog in your drain isn’t always the biggest problem. In fact, you can often clear a clogged drain by yourself! The first step is the easiest—find out if there is anything physically lodged in the drain. Can you see your hair glistening around the drain stop? Is there a pill bottle wedged in there? Remove these items and see if your water goes right down!

Level 2: Time for Tools
When the easiest fixes don’t work, it’s time for tools. Every home should have a plunger, and a plunger can easily clear most small clogs. Fill the sink with a few inches of water to create suction, cover the overflow hole with a washcloth, and work the plunger up and down, suctioning out that clog. If a big chunk comes up, grab it with the washcloth and throw it in the trash can! Don’t push it back down the pipes. “Zip-it” tools or other mini-drain snakes are affordable and work great for clearing clogged hair. If you can see a clog, but can’t get it to move, you may have luck unscrewing the connections for the p-trap below and shaking it into a trash can.

Level 3: Raise the White Flag for Assistance!
If the plunger pulls up a clog, but the water still won’t go down, you may have a problem. If you are not comfortable removing your p-trap, or if you see an immovable clog even after you have removed the p-trap, it is definitely time to call for help! You may have a clog behind your wall, or even into the main sewer line. More “force” won’t help—you need professional drain-clearing services.

If you’ve tried all you can do, and that drain still won’t clear, call Around the House for drain clearing services in Sparta. We’ll get your drain cleared quickly, safely, and without any mess for you to clean up!