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For skilled do-it-yourself-ers, hiring a handyman seems like a hassle. But for the rest of us, a general handyman in Newton NJ can be a lifesaver! Here are five ways that a general handyman makes your life easier!

1. We mount your big-screen TV right the first time!
When the mounting kit says “do it yourself,” they are lying! So many homeowners call a general handyman to mount their TV only after disaster has struck—and then they end up calling us to repair the wall as well! Get it done right the first time when you hire an expert.

2. Prevent fires and save money with cleaner vents.
You should clean your dryer vent at least once per year, and other household vents as indicated by your manufacturer. But do you really want to spend time getting all dusty and dirty? Do you even have the right tools? A general handyman in Newton has the tools, the time, and the willingness, so let us handle vent cleaning!

3. Drywall repairs that look good.
Not to look down on your toothpaste and white-out job… but a handyman can make drywall damage disappear! From screws ripped out of the walls, to holes from moving or angry outbursts, a general handyman will bring your drywall back to top condition.

4. Small electrical repairs.
For big projects, like installing a new circuit breaker, you need a certified electrician. However, for small electrical repairs like changing out an outlet, installing a ceiling fan, or adding a light fixture to your existing grid, a handyman can get it done quickly and safely!

5. Free you up for your expert work!
Hiring a handyman doesn’t mean you are any less self-sufficient, or that you can’t do things for yourself. While your handyman works, you have free time to do what you do best—whether that is preparing for your real estate exam, call potential new clients, help the kids with homework, or finish typing up reports.

For household projects that you can’t do, don’t have the time for, or just plain don’t want to do, hire a handyman! You deserve an easier life, and skilled handyman services in NJ can help you get there. Call Around the House today to set up your appointment!