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Are you considering a summer kitchen remodel? Any time of year can be challenging to remodel the room with the food, but summer offers a great time to go out on your deck and enjoy a BBQ while an expert handyman in Sparta NJ remodels your kitchen. Wondering what the kitchen remodel process looks like? Here are some things to expect!

Your Kitchen Remodel Is a Custom Process

Before any handyman in NJ can give you a clear idea of what your kitchen remodel will look like, you’ll need to let him know what you have in mind. Do you want a full kitchen remodel, tearing out the cabinets, installing new floors, and upgrading your appliances? Do you just need a plumbing overhaul, with a sink and drain repair or new faucet? Are your kitchen cabinets so old they make your new appliances look like space-age technology? The first step to remodeling your kitchen is to discuss the scope of the project with your handyman.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

After you decide what you want to remodel in your kitchen, the next step is to get your materials. Do you want the standard sink from the home improvement store, or a special order? Are you putting in stock tile for that new backsplash, or something you need to order in advance? Your handyman will work with you to make sure you have the pieces you need before you start.

Demolishing a Kitchen

After all the parts are in place, your handyman will tear down your old kitchen. That may involve removing old plumbing, tearing out old cabinetry, or pulling out old counters. This can be a dusty, dirty process, and your handyman in Sparta will give you tips to protect the rest of your house.

Rebuilding the Kitchen

Not long after the demo (often on the same day!) your kitchen remodeler will start putting things back together. New floors will be installed, new cabinets hung, new sinks hooked to the water supply and sewer lines. Of course, your handyman will clean up so your remodeled kitchen is better than ever!

These are just the basics—your kitchen remodel project in NJ may be bigger or smaller, so make sure to sort out the details with a trusted handyman!