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If you haven’t noticed, winter is here! Around the House Handyman in Sparta, NJ has seen our requests shift drastically in the past few weeks, with most homeowners moving to indoor remodeling services. In fact, the winter months are a perfect time to plan a kitchen remodel in New Jersey! Keep reading to find out some ideas you may want to add to your newly remodeled kitchen.

New Cabinets in Sparta’s Remodeled Kitchens
One of the easiest and most noticeable way to remodel your kitchen is to update the cabinetry. This can be entirely new cabinetry, or you could fall in line with one of today’s hot cabinet trends and opt to paint or stain your existing cabinetry. While bright, yellow-orange wood facades of old are showing their age, if your cabinets are real wood, an update to a dark stain or stripping the wood down to its natural luster could be a great option!

Remodel Your Kitchen and Save Water
Does your kitchen sink leak? Does that pesky faucet leak water whenever you turn it up too high? Do you have old appliances that let gallons of water flow through in seconds? Why not plan a kitchen remodel that saves water? This isn’t just a great way to save money on your water bills, it is a great way to help the environment. With some of today’s new faucets and features, you won’t even notice that less water is coming out!

NJ’s Kitchen Remodelers Suggest These Flooring Materials For Cold Feet
Has the winter cold chilled you to the soles—of your feet? NJ’s kitchen remodelers love helping homeowners update their flooring so that they have warmer spaces. While quality hardwood provides some of the best insulation, today’s popular new luxury vinyl tiles or planks, often known as LVT or LVP, can keep floors warmer at a fraction of the cost!

Don’t let the winter weather slow down your remodeling plans—call NJ’s best handyman to start planning a kitchen renovation!