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Have your kitchen and dining room seen better days? Why not save time and coordinate easily by combining your kitchen and dining room remodel in Newton, NJ? When you work with skilled handymen, the project is quick and easy. Here’s why it works so well!

Match Flooring and Materials
If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, you’re likely looking at new floors, new cabinetry, and new countertops, not to mention changes to the plumbing fixtures, cooking elements, and décor. While your kitchen and dining room have different purposes, many people use them in tandem, and decorate them to complement one another. When you combine your kitchen and dining room remodel, you can make sure that flooring and other materials match perfectly.

Coordinate Colors and Textures
Speaking of décor, the color of your kitchen and dining room often go together, or complement one another. Likewise, the style and texture of your décor should have a logical pattern, so remodeling both at the same time can be an easy and effective way of making sure it looks best. Even more, since you are combining the remodel, you can make major changes to style and design—update that 1970s vintage look to a modern, stylish area!

Save Money
If you need kitchen remodel ideas on a budget, you might think that doing “double duty” will double your budget. Not true! In fact, home remodelers in NJ love it when they can double up on work. Consider the time your handyman in Sparta would need to set up an area for painting, get the painting completed, and clean it up—now imagine if he could just keep painting along the next wall! Likewise, combining a kitchen and dining room remodel in Sparta allows your contractor to buy materials in bulk, saving you money.

Don’t wait to turn your home into something attractive and enjoyable! Get started with a combined kitchen and dining room remodel today when you call Around the House. We handle everything from small handyman projects to kitchen and bathroom remodels in Sparta and the surrounding NJ area.