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Are you planning a bathroom renovation in Sparta? New Jersey has plenty of plumbers, contractors, and general handymen, and depending on the needs of your project, you may need to talk to one or more of these professionals. Before you start hiring work, though, consider the following questions to help you get started.

1. How do I want this space to look and feel?
This is the most important question you’ll deal with, and only you can answer it. How do you want your bathroom to look? Do you love the vintage wallpaper, or is it time to upgrade to tile? Have you always dreamt of a luxurious bath, but you’re stuck with just a shower stall? No matter what your needs are, have a plan to share with your handyman when the time comes.

2. What will I do when my bathroom is unavailable?
Remodeling a bathroom comes with a big challenge—especially if you only have one! Depending on the projects you need done, your bathroom remodel may take a day or more. Where will you use the toilet, sink, and shower? Make sure to communicate any specific time need to your handyman so they can reduce the times your bathroom will be unavailable.

3. How will a bathroom remodel affect the sales value?
Unless you plan to retire and age in place, you should give an eye to the resale value. Will your bathroom renovation in Sparta increase the value of your home? Or will it be an eyesore that the next owner has to remodel again? Let’s face it, not everyone’s sense of style or décor is the same, so make sure you are meeting your personal and household goals with your next bathroom remodel.

Ready to renovate your bathroom today? From replacing the tube to retiling the shower, to adding a vanity or storage space, don’t hesitate to contact your trusted handyman! At Around the House, we make it our priority to get your renovations, remodels, and other household projects handled efficiently and with care.