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Many people are surprised when they hear that a bathroom remodel is a great summer project. Many people think of summer as the perfect time to install a deck, repair or build a fence, or perform outside repairs to the home. Not always! In fact, when NJ temperatures creep into the high 90s and 100s, they can be dangerous for outdoor workers. But that’s not the only reason why a summer bathroom remodel project in NJ is the perfect plan—keep reading to find out more!

Vacations Mean Empty Rooms

If your bathroom is always in hot demand, you may struggle to find a good time to remodel it. This can be worse with kids who have to go right away! Fortunately, summer is a time when many families choose to go on vacation. Could your house sitter supervise a bathroom remodel, or do you vacation close to home? This can be a great way to remodel the one and only bathroom in your home.

Splash in the Pool

If you have a pool, a summer bathroom remodel can be even easier. Sure, you probably don’t want to go straight from the pool to the office everyday, but for a day or two, this can be a nice way to hide the fact that you’re not showering as much as usual. For kids, an excuse to spend all day in the pool can be a great way to get outside—and leave plenty of space for your handyman to remodel your bathroom!

Pretend You’re Camping

For those with little children and only one bathroom, the thought of closing that bathroom is horrifying! What about all that potty-training progress? In the summer months, however, you have a built-in excuse: you can go “camping” in your back yard! Everyone knows it’s okay to skip showers for a few days while camping, as well as using “nature’s potty” —those bushes at the back of the yard! When you schedule your bathroom remodel during the summer, you can make it an adventure that appeals to the pickiest of bathroom connoisseurs.

Ready to make your house even better this summer? Then hire the assistance of a great handyman in Sparta! From outdoor projects like fences and decks, to minor electrical and plumbing repairs, to household remodels, Around the House Handyman can help!