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Drip, drip, drip. If you hear this noise, you know you need plumbing repair! In New Jersey, these can run up a high bill, especially if you hire a plumber. While a licensed, professional plumber is necessary for major plumbing or sewer repairs, did you know that a handyman can often help with minor plumbing issues for a fraction of a cost? Read on to find out how!

A handyman in NJ can help with sink repair

Did you know that a handyman can absolutely help with sink repair and installation? From kitchen sinks, to bathroom sinks, to utility sinks like you may have in a garage or laundry room, your average handyman should have no problem. You may want to install a new sink as part of your kitchen remodel, fix the squeaky sink in the bathroom, or add a wash tub into your laundry room. If there are already lines and hookups for these, a handyman in NJ should have no problem getting you started!

Clear clogged drains easily when you hire a handyman

Another great task that a NJ handyman can help with is clogged drains. Sometimes you need the big guys who access the exterior of your home to clear major drains, but most clogged drains are easily accessible and repairable from your home—if you are handy! Clear a clogged toilet, get that shower drain running more quickly, or clear a clog in the bathroom sink at a much lower price than a plumber would charge when you call a handyman!

What if my plumbing needs are bigger?

A handyman is quite knowledgeable and skilled, but master plumbers exist for a reason. If your household pipes are severely damaged, if there are issues with the water supply or main sewer lines, or if your handyman encounters environmental dangers like black mold, other professionals with more specialized skills may be called in. When you work with a trusted handyman in New Jersey, like those at Around the House, you can trust that they will never try to perform work that is beyond their capabilities, keeping your home safe.

Ready to save money and fix those plumbing issues? Don’t call the plumber yet—try a handyman in NJ from Around the House!