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Are you remodeling your basement in Sparta, NJ? If so, you need the best basement remodeling contractors, and a great plan so they know what work to do in your basement. As you start planning, take some advice from others who have attempted their own basement remodels, and keep these common errors in mind! Here are 5 common mistakes you never want to make when remodeling your basement!

Do you ever have that dream about finding a new room in your house? Maybe you dreamt that you opened a door and went downstairs to a beautifully remodeled basement in your NJ home! Even if a better basement isn’t creeping into your dreams, Around the House Handyman in NJ knows that your basement can do so much more than just hold old boxes and spider webs. Here are top tips for basement remodeling in Sparta!

Out with the Old

To bring your basement back to life, you need to tear out the old stuff! Does your basement have shag carpet or wood paneling… in a non-ironic way? If you have the original party pad from grandpa’s house, it’s time for an upgrade. Sleek wall coverings and easily washable carpets are a no-brainer for a modern appeal. Built-in shelves and bookcases are a great way to cover that big wall, and can be easily added by your trusted basement contractor.

Fancy Fire

What warms up that damp, dreary basement better than anything else? A toasty fire, of course! If your home has a fireplace that reaches all the way to the basement, power to you! If not, the best basement contractors near you can help you find another solution, like a modern LED fireplace, that brings the warmth and ambiance without the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Entertainment Extravaganza

Why hire a basement remodeling contractor in Sparta? Maybe to hold your toys! Big family entertainment tools like home theater systems, gaming systems, and more have become the norm during the pandemic—why not make a dedicated place in your home for these big toys? A basement remodeling contractor can help design the most effective solutions for displaying your content and giving everyone the best seat in the room.

Ready to remodel your basement in NJ today? Call Around the House Handyman today for help!