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Are you planning a basement remodel in New Jersey this year? Plenty of people are, and the smart ones are hiring a skilled handyman in Sparta to help refinish their basement. Some people think this is a DIY task, but whether you plan on tackling it yourself or hiring an expert basement builder in NJ, make sure to avoid these major basement remodel mistakes!

1. Your basement remodel in NJ leaves your home damp
Addressing your home’s foundation, drainage, and possibly sump pump is probably not your idea of a great day. That’s why you hire a handyman to do it! No matter how beautiful a basement you design, a flood will destroy it—and can destroy other elements of your home at the same time. Prior to building or remodeling a basement, you need to be 100% sure that your water and drainage issues are mitigated.

2. You can’t see your remodeled basement because there is not enough light
Basements are private, hidden away below the house, and some don’t even have windows. Will your family and guests enjoy hiding out in the dark? For most people, the answer is “no,” but you won’t realize that until you try to have your first get-together. Maybe you can run out and buy some lamps? Worse, if you have not properly planned the electrical needs of your basement remodel, you may not even have a place (or enough voltage) to plug those devices. If your basement was unfinished or built back in the days before electronic devices ruled, you need a handyman to help with minor electrical work.

3. What? What? I can’t hear over all the footsteps!
The only thing less appealing than footsteps cascading over your basement is basement-sounds intruding into the rest of the house! Keep your spaces separate with effective sound barriers, insulation, and protection between the floors. Your Sparta handyman can help you find the perfect solution for your basement.
These are just a few of the basement remodel mistakes that homeowners in NJ need to hire a handyman for! Your new basement will be so much better with proper attention.