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What’s your favorite room in your home? If the answer wasn’t “the basement,” basement builders in New Jersey have a plan for you—make this the best room in your home! As people are finding that they like their at-home entertainment almost as much as they enjoy going out, they are searching for more ways to make their house the best ever. Here are some ideas to transform your basement for 2022!

Dedicated Game Room

For kids of all ages (and adults!) a dedicated gaming room may seem like a dream. But if you plan on remodeling your NJ basement to add space to your home, this could be the perfect idea! You’ll want plenty of power outlets, space for comfortable seating or built-in seating, storage space for all the controllers and supplies. Go all-out with technology and build a safe space for VR gaming, or go oldschool and fill your game room with puzzles, board games, and a pool table.

Mini-Movie Theater

Movie theaters have still not picked up their pace, and many people still list a crowded movie theater as a place they would feel less comfortable. Why not bring the movies to your own home theater? Sure, the living room is probably decked out with a TV for everyday use, but your remodeled basement could be the most comfortable recreation of a theater ever.

Private Bar

Along with movies, people are hesitant to visit bars. Besides, who needs to go out to a bar when you can bring your closest family and friends to your own exclusive spot? Build your own bar when you remodel your basement and enjoy hours of fun with your friends and family. Have kids? Make sure to choose flexible furniture that can just as easily turn into an ice cream sundae bar and keep this a family-friendly space!

Ready to remodel your basement? New Jersey’s finest handyman at Around the House is waiting with ideas for improvement!