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Approximately two in three homes in New Jersey have basements built underneath of them. This extra space allows the residents to have more room to work, play, and entertain, and can be the perfect solution for storage or visitors. If you’re not lucky enough to have one of these homes, could you build a basement in NJ’s winter weather? Keep reading to find out!

Building Vs. Finishing a Basement in New Jersey
One of the most important things to keep in mind is whether you are thinking of fully building a basement under your home in New Jersey, or finishing a basement. Many homes, especially older ones, have “unfinished” basements, with dirt floors, sometimes dirt walls, and usually the bottom utilities of the home exposed. Since these are often built down to the freeze line, they may already have the proper sizing and spacing for a finished basement. If this is the case, you’re in luck! Finishing an unfinished basement in New Jersey is the perfect task for a cold winter day.

Basement Builders Advise: Save These Basement Projects for Spring
However, if you truly want to add a whole basement beneath your home, that’s a project better suited for spring. The main reason for this is that building a new basement in New Jersey would require a new foundation to be poured, and this cannot happen when the temperature is too cold. Since the home needs to be on a stable surface, you should save any projects that involve foundation work or concrete pours for the spring.

Basement Remodels in Sparta Make Perfect Winter Projects
What if you have a basement, but it looks like a time capsule to the 70s or earlier? Again, you’ve picked a perfect winter project! Basement remodelers in New Jersey can help you defeat that dusty shag carpet and wood paneling, transforming your basement into something new, modern, and perfect for your family and friends.
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