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Is your basement in Sparta, NJ weather proofed for winter weather? If not, you need to find a skilled basement contractor near you to remedy that problem! Keep reading to find tips for a weather-proofed basement, brought to you by the basement contractors at Around The House!

Cracks and Holes

The first step most homeowners take to waterproof their basements in Sparta is to patch up any cracks and holes that you can find. Using tools such as hydraulic cement and waterproof sealant, you can address these problems and prevent water from entering your basement. If you have cracks or damage that is bigger than a patch can fix, always call a skilled basement contractor near you for help!

Sump Pumps
Depending on the construction of your home and basement, you may require a sump pump to keep things dry. This is not a big deal, as long as the sump pump is installed and maintained correctly. If you’re not familiar with these household appliances, get your local basement contractor to help you set one up and give you some troubleshooting tips.

Get Outside for Exterior Basement Waterproofing
Even the best basement waterproofing cannot protect your home from improper drainage or leaks from outside. If you just can’t seem to keep your basement dry, you may need to address your outdoors situation, including re-routing gutter downspouts, addressing large structural drainage issues, or even adding more dirt to better protect your foundation. Who can best advise on your needs? A skilled basement contractor in Sparta, NJ!

If your basement keeps getting wet, your home and your possessions are at risk. At worst, leaks can equate to mold, which can cause breathing problems. Keep everyone safer and call a skilled basement remodeler to help waterproof and repair your basement in Sparta, NJ today!