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Wouldn’t you love more space in your home? Basement remodelers in Sparta have been helping homeowners to design and build amazing new spaces, right in their own homes. Keep reading to see how a basement remodeling contractor can help you transform your space with ease.

Finish Your Basement in NJ And Add A Room To Your Home
Is your basement unfinished? Don’t look at it as a burden—look at it as an opportunity! An unfinished basement is the perfect canvas to create a room (or a few rooms) just the way you want them. If your basement is totally unfinished, you’ll need some skilled handyman services to get it up and livable—such as installing waterproof floor materials if there isn’t some already, drywall and dividing walls, and then finishing the space with carpet, paint, light fixtures, and so much more. It can be a lot of work, but a basement remodel could double your usable space!

Remodel Your Basement With A Modern Style
If your basement is finished, but majorly outdated, your basement remodel in NJ could be even easier. Since the “structure” is already there, your basement remodeler will be able to focus on making your space look just the way you like it. Tear out the linoleum your grandparents installed and replace it with modern vinyl planking, paint the walls a trendy color, and update your space with modern electrical access for all those tech tools.

Build Custom Spaces With Help from NJ’s Best Handyman
Want to really make your basement remodel project in NJ a custom job? Build in custom spaces with help from a skilled handyman! This could include built-in storage to house all your work files, a built-in bar to entertain at home, or a giant entertainment area with movie theater-style seats. The options are endless!
Start planning your basement remodel today, then call Around the House for expert help remodeling your basement in Sparta.