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What’s so great about a basement? If you ask Sparta’s best basement remodelers, the answer is likely to vary from person to person. After all, you can do so much with a remodeled basement! Keep reading to see our favorite ways to bring a family together with a basement, from Around the House Handyman in Sparta!

Move And Play Together in Your New Basement
When you make the choice to build a basement in NJ, you are committing to expanding your home! What you use those extra square feet for makes all the difference. Sure, you could divide it up into home offices for mom and dad, a study space for the teen, or even a spare room, but what if this is a big space to be together? Build a game room, an indoor climbing area, or a fitness room for the whole family.

The Basement is a Great Place to Take A Break
Maybe what your family needs to feel together is some space! After spending much of the last two years together at home, some room to spread out and enjoy alone time can be just what your family needs. Consider transforming your remodeled basement into a place of peace and quiet, with soundproofed walls, relaxing furniture, and a place to do yoga, write in a journal, or meditate.

Entertain and Enjoy
If your family thrives on hosting, maybe your basement is best turned into an entertainment area. From big-screen TVs with movie theater seating to a dedicated VR gaming space, your remodeled basement in Sparta can be the perfect place to bring your entertainment dreams to life!

Ready to make something more out of that old basement? It’s easy when you work with a skilled basement remodeler in Sparta. Call Around the House Handyman today to start the basement remodel project of your dreams!