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Halloween is the perfect time for creepy—but is your basement creepy all year-round? If so, it’s time to plan a basement remodel! Keep reading to see how Around the House handyman in Sparta can transform your basement from creepy to cool!

Basement Builders in NJ Hide Old Dirt Floors
Does anything scream “this is where the villain hides the bodies” more than dirt floors in a basement? Nope! That’s why homeowners who want to remodel their basements usually start from the ground up—with a waterproof floor! If your basement is unfinished, this may involve a lot of work, which is why it is an excellent idea to work with NJ’s best basement builders.

Get Rid of Wet, Musty Smells With NJ’s Best Basement Contractors
Speaking of waterproofing, does your basement have a “basement smell?” That smell is usually described more scientifically as “mold” or “mildew.” Getting rid of it can be tough, but can be beneficial for your basement and the rest of your house. Adding waterproofing, painting or repainting, and removing any boards, drywall, or other building materials that are contaminated with mold can help, and your basement contractor may have other ideas to promote airflow and regulate temperature.

Brighten Up Your Basement With A Remodel
The creepiest basements in horror movies are always dark, or lit by a single, bare bulb. Yuck! When you remodel your basement, you want it to have plenty of light—especially if no sunlight filters in. Your basement remodeler will help you decide between ceiling lights, track lighting, floor lights, and so many more options, as well as bright-colored paints and floor coverings to make your space look bright and inviting.

A creepy basement full of spiders and hidden treasure is fun in a spooky movie, but in real life, you want a basement you enjoy spending time in. Transform your basement into the one of your dreams today with help from Around the House Handyman!