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Deck builders in Sparta, NJ have been busy for the past few years as more and more people embrace socializing and relaxing at home. Where better to do this than your own deck? For many homeowners, a deck sounds simple—some wood for a floor, some stairs, maybe a railing. But what if you wanted to build a new deck or remodel your old deck into something exciting? Check out these hot deck remodel trends.

Build A Deck With A Fire Pit

Fire pits are all the rage, and will likely continue to remain popular as people explore outdoor socialization even in the colder months. This makes fire pits, fire tables, and other ignitable elements a hot commodity. When you choose a deck contractor in Sparta, make sure you choose one who is knowledgeable about and responsible with fire.

Add a Pergola To Your Deck in NJ

Filtered sunlight is really the best kind of sunlight. That’s why plenty of homeowners are choosing to add a pergola to their decks in Sparta, NJ! Unlike a solid roof, pergolas let light and elements filter through, creating partial shade while leaving your space natural.

Remodel a Tech-Deck

The outdoors is great, but if you’re a tech person, you want your gadgets outside with you. Can you make a tech-deck? You sure can! Working with a skilled deck builder and electrician, you can create designated spaces to plug in, connect, and dock your tech tools and toys for a tech-savvy deck.

Outdoor Kitchen

Building a deck with an outdoor kitchen is a smart plan for anyone who loves to cook! Think beyond the BBQ—your outdoor kitchen can include counter space to prep foods, a mini-brick oven for the best pizzas, and built-in seating to enjoy your meal. Depending on your setup, you may even be able to run water and electrical lines out to your deck for the ultimate convenience.
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