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When you remodel your basement in New Jersey, you have a lot of questions to ask yourself. One of the most popular questions that homeowners ask is if they should hire a flooring company or contractor to remodel the basement, or if a handyman in NJ can do it instead. Around the House Handyman can help you remodel your basement—keep reading to see if you may need other help.

DIY Basement Remodels? Or Hire a Handyman
Remodeling your NJ basement means different things to different people. It can involve light work, like painting or changing light fixtures, or a whole entire demolition and rebuilding process! Most of the time, however, DIY basement remodel projects are somewhat limited, keeping structural elements the same and changing decorative and functional items. A handyman can help you install tile flooring, carpet your basement rooms, paint, and handle light plumbing and electrical work.

Should You Hire a Flooring Company?
Many people wonder if it is better to hire a flooring company or to hire a handyman in Sparta to install new flooring. This depends on many factors, including your handyman’s skill with your specific flooring type, the condition of your existing subfloor, and your concern for warranties. Many flooring material manufacturers only warranty their products when certain installers complete the installation, so always discuss this with your handyman. If you’re installing discount flooring materials, upcycled materials, or something else, this may not be a concern at all.

When Should You Hire A Contractor Vs. A Handyman for Basement Renovations?
Sometimes, your basement renovations need more than just new colors and surfaces. Basement remodel projects in NJ are often held up by unexpected damage due to climate. If your basement has water damage, if your flooring is terribly uneven, or if you want to address structural elements or major changes to plumbing or electric, you may want to consult with a general contractor.

A reputable handyman in New Jersey will be able to advise on your project, including letting the homeowner know when another professional should help out. Around the House Handyman in Sparta can handle all manner of basement renovations and remodels, and works with the homeowner to make your space look just the way you like it.