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A fence can be such an important part of your house, but if it’s fallen into disrepair, you need to call your trusted handyman in Jefferson, NJ for fence repair! While you can repair a fence on your own, you may be surprised how much time, effort, and expertise this project takes. Here are a few tips on fence maintenance and repair from Around the House Handyman in NJ!

Keep Your Fence in Good Condition

Your fence only looks as nice as you keep it. Any fence, be it wooden, metal, or composite material, is going to take a lot of abuse, as both sides are pelted with rain, hail, snow, and sun from the wild weather in NJ. Handyman services can help extend the life, but you can do your part by keeping it in good condition. For example, make sure to trim back trees or branches that may swing in the wind, keep grass and weeds cut away from the bottom (especially wooden fences, which can mold!), and address any drainage issues that might cause your fence, or the ground surrounding it, to shift or deteriorate.

When to Repair a Fence

Even with the best maintenance, your fence is going to need repairs now and then. Wooden fences get the worst rap, because they are prone to warping and losing slats. Sometimes, this comes from poor materials choice, which is why you should always contact a knowledgeable handyman or builder to help set your fence up in the first place. However, a handyman can easily help you replace missing slats, repair chain-link fences, and reinforce your old fence with additional wood, nails, and screws to extend its life.

When to Replace a Fence

All things must end, including the life of your fence. If most of the fence is beyond repair, it is time to replace. This can be from something quick, like damage from a high-wind storm or a motor vehicle accident, or due to years of aging. Even the best fences tend to sag over time, and if your fence’s structural supports are losing their support, it may be time to replace. In addition, if your property or zoning laws have changed, you may want to hire a handyman to replace your fence and pick up a few more inches on your property.

Ready to start a fence project? Call Around the House Handyman today for easy fence repairs and new fences in Jefferson, NJ!