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Are you planning on renovating or remodeling your NJ basement this summer? A basement is a wonderful feature that lets you fight back against NJ’s hottest summers naturally, as your basement usually stays cooler thanks to being insulated by the earth. While the hot air escapes upstairs, you and your family can escape the heat in a cool new basement! Keep reading to see how a handyman can help with your basement renovation projects.

Finish A Basement in NJ
If you own a classic home in NJ, you may live above an unfinished basement. Typically, these have dirt floors and sometimes even dirt walls, and look more like something out of a horror movie than a place you’d want to spend time. But renovating an unfinished basement in NJ into the best part of your house couldn’t be easier when you work with an experienced basement remodeler. Finish the walls and add insulation, add a proper floor, and cover those dusty eaves and support beams with a ceiling. By the time you’re done renovating your basement, you won’t even recognize it!

Renovate Your Sparta Basement with Ease
Hiring a handyman in NJ makes renovating your basement so much easier. You know what you want, but are you skilled at drywall installation, laying tile and other flooring, and performing light electrical and plumbing work to connect your new space to the rest of the house? If not, a handyman can help—often, at a fraction of the cost of major plumbers or electricians!

Add Special Features to Your Basement
Maybe your basement is already finished, but it still needs a makeover! That groovy basement from the 70s isn’t so cool anymore, so call a handyman to tear out the shag carpet, replace the wood panel walls, and install a built-in entertainment system for this century. Or transform it from a general space into a dedicated climbing room for the kids, bar for the adults, or home cinema for the whole family.
Ready to see what else your basement can do? Call Around the House handyman today to plan your renovations!