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Do you have a little house project that you don’t have time to do? Or maybe a series of little projects, or even a few big ones? You need to find a great handyman in New Jersey, but where should you start? Here are some great tips that will help you to find your next handyman!

  1. Ask around. Your friends, family, and neighbors have probably run into the same challenges as you have, and may have even hired a handyman recently! Start your search by asking around and seeing who your contacts have used before, if they liked them, and if they are willing to share info!
  2. Read reviews. The internet is full of review websites, so check a few out! Make sure to read through the reviews—and the response from the handyman—in detail! Many people leave bad reviews when things don’t go their way, so check and see what the review in question was even about before making your decisions.
  3. Try a sample job. If your contacts don’t give a clear answer, or the reviews don’t point you in the direction of the best handyman in Sparta, you can test one out yourself! Most construction professionals and handyman services have a minimum fee for their time, so find out what it is and schedule a few small projects. If you want a full kitchen remodel, why not “test out” your handyman with a small drain repair, light fixture replacement, or minor electrical task? You’ll see the quality of work and customer service in no time. Once you’ve decided on a handyman, you can then schedule more complex projects, such as remodeling a room. Don’t hesitate to ask how much your handyman will charge per hour, or if there are discounts for big projects!

Ready to get started on your household to-do list? Make it an easier process when you work with a great handyman in New Jersey! The team at Around the House is waiting for your call and will be happy to assist with any household projects you can imagine!