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If you want more space, you could move house—or, you could renovate your basement with NJ’s best handyman services! To make the most of your basement space, you want to make the most of everything from the floors to the ceilings—including the lighting! Today, we’ll focus on lighting up your basement space, and why you should consider your basement lighting needs before starting your basement renovation.

Nobody Wants A Dark, Dreary Basement in Sparta!
Let’s get one thing clear: Nobody wants to visit your home in NJ and spend time in a dark, dreary basement! Basements are the fodder for horror movies for good reasons—they’re dark, often damp, and literally underground. But when you renovate your basement in NJ to be bright, well-lit, and attractive, it can be the most popular room in your home!

Electrical Needs: What a Handyman Can And Cannot Do
When planning to remodel or renovate a basement, you may need the help of some professionals. A skilled handyman in NJ can handle most of the work that would be needed to renovate your basement, including light wiring and electrical work. But sometimes, you need a licensed electrician. If your home’s power circuits are already overloaded (looking at you, pile of electronics!), or if you have an older fuse-box system, working with an electrician to add a new circuit for the basement, or to bring your new space up to code, is a smart idea.

Why Plan For Basement Lighting Before Renovations?
Many homeowners think they can just “add lamps” to bring light to their basement once other renovations are complete. But did you happen to put an outlet near that end table? Is there a lamp big enough to offset the darkness of no natural light? Planning your lighting needs before renovations is the best plan, because it allows you to build in as many electrical and structural elements as you need. That may include overhead lighting to get rid of that darkness, conveniently located outlets, or built-in wall sconces and track lighting. All of these are so much easier to do before you finalize your walls!

Don’t let darkness ruin your basement renovation! Call a basement remodeling expert in Sparta today to start planning your basement lighting needs.