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The holidays are approaching again—and this year, you may be open to spending time with your nearest and dearest! If you need more room in your home, adding space can be difficult. But when you remodel your basement with the help of a skilled basement remodeler, you can open up a whole new room in no time! Keep reading to find out how a basement remodeler in NJ can expand your home’s useful space.

Finish A Creepy Crawlspace

Is your “basement” little more than a crawlspace, with dirt floors, unfinished walls, and household elements visible from the ceiling? Don’t worry—this gives you a good start toward your future basement! The best basement remodelers in NJ can help you to transform this space into something finished, attractive, and useful, adding more space to your home.

Build a Better Basement

Many home builders in Sparta, NJ added a basement when they built these homes, but didn’t really finish them. While your basement space may already exist, it may not be very enjoyable. If your unfinished basement lacks flooring (or has just a concrete slab), drywall, insulation, or clear divisions between rooms, a basement remodel can do wonders! Turn this extra space from a burial ground for old boxes into a stylish, enjoyable part of your home that you and your guests will enjoy for years to come.

Remodel for Current Styles

Finally, we want to consider those who already have a finished basement—finished with styles that would make grandparents cringe! If your basement hasn’t seen a remodel since the 70s or before, you may want to update to the newest styles and trends. This includes cosmetic upgrades, like swapping wood paneling for anything else that exists, clearing out shag carpet and replacing with something more hypoallergenic, and can even include modernization such as more outlets to plug in electronics.

Are you ready to create the perfect party space for this year’s holidays? If so, call Around The House in Sparta, NJ to remodel your basement.