Covid-19 Update: Priority #1 - Homeowner & Customer Safety

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Summer of 2020 wasn’t most people’s favorite, so how can you boost your summer 2021? Why not hire a handyman in Sparta to build a new deck? As the pandemic starts to loosen its grip, the safest place to socialize remains outdoors. Even if you’re over the pandemic, who wants to miss the chance to BBQ, catch some rays, and enjoy the beautiful summer sunset? Here’s why you need a new deck this year!

  1. Replace an old deck.

If your home has a deck, but it has seen better days, you could be setting yourself up for danger. Don’t let your guests wobble on old stairs, fall from a weak railing, or even get splinters in their feet—call a handyman near you to repair or replace your deck with a new one.

  1. Add a new deck.

This is a household project that can add a lot to the value of your home, plus provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Most homeowners who add a deck to their property see about 70% of those costs recovered when they sell, so a deck can be a nice investment for the future. A deck expands your living space, making your house even more fun for guests, family visits, and outdoor parties.

  1. Entertain at home.

Many people have gotten out of the habit of going out and spending a lot of money to have fun—after being prohibited for doing so for many months, plenty of people realize they can have almost as fun at home for a fraction of the cost! Keep these cost savings up and plan for more gatherings at your home—on your brand-new deck!

Are you ready to make the summer of 2021 the best yet? Make your home even more inviting with a new deck, or call a handyman in NJ to repair your deck so it is at its top condition. Around the House Handyman is ready and waiting for your call!