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How can a new deck in Sparta improve your health and wellness? It sounds like a stretch, but being outside in nature gives you tons of benefits. Keep reading to find out why you should build a new deck on your home in Sparta today!

Fresh Air Helps You Breathe
As human civilization has advanced, our homes have gotten more and more air-tight. We seal the doors, caulk the gaps, insulate the roof, and those of us who love cost savings put those plastic window coverings up for more sealed-in protection. But allergies and breathing conditions have only increased over time! Even if you keep a clean house, it can be filled with dust, allergens, and other contaminants. When you sit on your deck, you get the benefits of fresh, clean air!

Enjoy Vitamin D on Your New Deck!
Most people in the US are deficient in Vitamin D—for those of darker skin tones, you are even more at risk of being low on this important vitamin that helps you think clearly and have energy for your day! Vitamin D is hard to get from food, but absorbs through your skin when you expose yourself to sunlight. Where better to sit in the sun than on a brand new deck?

Sitting on the Deck Helps Mental Health
Mental health and wellness are at the top of many people’s minds these days, as even the president has announced a mental health crisis. Did you know that spending time in nature has been shown to help people reduce stress, anxiety, depression? Sitting on your NJ deck could help improve your focus, and for kids, it can help improve performance even if they have been diagnosed with ADHD. Soak up that nature right outside your front door!

Are you ready to enjoy all the potential benefits of a new deck today? Call Around the House Handyman to build a new deck in Sparta!