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Kitchen remodels are hot in New Jersey, especially with people spending more time at home! You could call a contractor to remodel your kitchen for a lot of money, do it yourself and risk the results, or hire a handyman in NJ to help at a great cost! Sound like a good plan? Why not consider these top 5 kitchen design trends of 2021!

Smart Kitchens

Admit it, it’s cool to look “at” the fridge and see what’s inside! From smart refrigerators that let you take a peek (and may even order your groceries for you!), to smart ovens that let you start dinner at the perfect time, and integrated smart technology that lets all your appliances talk over the Internet of Things, smart kitchens are here! Make sure to find appliances that work with your smart home technology!

White and Light Colored Cabinets

Old and new homes in NJ are remodeling kitchens to be lighter, brighter, and more colorful! This is especially true for cabinetry, which has gone through embarrassing stages of dark, dreary, and dull. Make your cabinets pop with white paint, or try a custom color or pattern!

Kitchen Islands

Unlike the little rolling carts of the past, kitchen islands are taking center stage for many kitchen remodel projects in NJ! If your kitchen is big enough to support it, built-in kitchen islands are all the rage. Talk with your handyman to start planning seating, storage, or more uses for your kitchen island.

Decorative Backsplashes

Rest in peace, wallpaper. Decorative backsplashes are the new hot trend in the kitchen! Whether you hire a handyman in NJ to install a tile backsplash behind your sink, stovetop, or around your entire kitchen workspace, take this as an opportunity to transform your home into something beautiful and functional. If you cook often, revel in the fact that you will no longer have to scrub “grease boogers” off of a painted wall!

Walk in Pantries and Expanded Storage

The final trend of 2021 is expanded storage space in the kitchen, including building a walk-in pantry. Maybe we all got too used to stocking up during the pandemic, but homeowners are more interested than ever in having an attractive, functional space to stockpile goodies.

Ready to start your kitchen remodel in New Jersey? Don’t try to do it all yourself—call an expert handyman from Around the House and let us help you build a better kitchen today!