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If you have a home in Sparta, NJ, you may wonder if you can build a basement for it. After all, a basement increases your square footage without taking up any more space on your plot of land. If you own a house that is already built, or if you are building a new house, make sure to hire a skilled basement builder in Sparta, NJ to help. Keep reading for our NJ basement tips!

New Construction: Should I add a Basement?

If you are breaking ground on a new home construction project in NJ, you may ask yourself if you really need a basement. However, handymen and contractors near you will likely give the same advice: build that basement! You never know where your life will take you, and your basement opens doors for guest rooms, man-caves, entertainment areas, home gyms, or whatever else you want.

Older Homes: Can I add a basement?

If your home is already constructed, you can often still add a basement to it. This process is more difficult, but still a possibility for most homeowners. You need to work with a skilled basement contractor in NJ, or wherever you are located, and you must make sure that your contractor ensures that your soil, drainage, and existing foundation are strong. Sizeable crawlspaces can often be converted into a basement much easier than “bare” ground.

Existing Basements: Can I make it better?

Fortunately for many homeowners in the northeast, many homes come with unfinished basements already, and all you have to do is hire a handyman in Sparta for a remodel! If your basement (or cellar, as many call their unfinished space) is just dirt walls and floors, don’t despair—excavation is one of the biggest challenges, and yours is done! Your handyman will have to put flooring, insulation, and walls in, and finish the surfaces, but this dirt basement could be your next dance floor!

Start your next basement building project today and call Around the House handyman!