Covid-19 Update: Priority #1 - Homeowner & Customer Safety

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If your household is trying to move away from commercial gifts, or if you want a big, memorable gift for the whole home, why not consider a basement remodel? In Sparta, NJ, homeowners are more interested than ever in finding fun ways to stay safer at home while having a great time, and making your basement into the coolest place in town is just a start! Here are some ideas for your next basement remodel!

Make a Mini-Bar

The grown-ups in your home will love this remodel idea! Turn your basement into a mini-bar with a remodel to include bar stool seating, a refrigerator, and even a sink station. Today’s basements aren’t just rooms for stuff, they are rooms to enjoy. How can this be family-friendly? As long as the adult beverages are removed, a mini-bar setup can transform into a family soda or ice cream bar, a counter for the little ones to order tea for tea parties, or a space for teens to make mocktails!

Build A Home Entertainment Station

If you’re among those who haven’t seen a movie in theatres for almost a year, you’re not alone. And why bother with the amazing home entertainment systems available these days? Make it extra special and transform your basement into the perfect movie and entertainment room, with a big-screen TV, comfortable seating, and dimmed lighting. This basement remodel project will be a blockbuster!

Rock the Virtual Reality

If your family is getting some VR equipment this holiday season, you need a safe place to play! A big, clear space is necessary for safety, so what better use for your basement than remodeling it into the best VR stage in town? A handyman in Sparta can help you rebuild your basement so it is the perfect empty space to fill with virtual excitement.

Ready to remodel your basement for the holidays? Better start now, basement builders in Sparta are booking up fast!