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If you’ve recently started a basement remodeling project in New Jersey, you know that cold winter months can lead to freezing temps—which can seem even worse in the basement! While your basement likely stays cool and pleasant during the summer months, a chilly basement in the winter is nobody’s favorite. How can you make your basement warm and cozy all year long? Try these tips from a great handyman in NJ!

Insulate Your Basement
The first step you must do when remodeling or building a basement is to insulate it from the outside! While your waterproofing should already be completed, even for an unfinished basement, adding plenty of insulation can make your basement seem much warmer and prevent drafts. If your basement is high enough above ground to have windows, make sure to double-check the seals on these—ground-level windows can let in tons of freezing cold winter air!

Add Heated Floors For Your Basement Remodel
Even if your NJ basement is perfectly insulated, your floors may still be chilly, especially in the winter months. While your basement is benefitting from some of the natural heat trapped underground, there isn’t that much, especially in the heart of winter. Instead, hire a handyman in NJ to remodel your basement floors with plush carpet or heated tiles that will keep even the littlest toes warm all year-round.

Pay Attention to Comfort
That “warm and cozy” feeling often has much more to do with décor and comfort than it does with the thermostat. Basements that are wide open, finished with natural stone, or painted in dark colors often feel colder. Humans like to cuddle up in nice warm dens in the winter, so try to recreate this atmosphere with divided spaces, cuddly furniture, bright warm colors, and soft fabrics to make your space feel warmer.

Ready to transform your basement into the best room of your house? Call Around the House Handyman today to get started on an easy basement remodel in NJ!