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Could your basement use a facelift? Basement renovations are hot in Sparta, NJ, as people try to make the most of their space. After months of slow work due to pandemic-related shortages, basement renovations are one of the most popular home tasks in 2022! What are people doing with their basements? Keep reading to find out!

Study/Work Rooms

By far, the most popular basement renovations in Sparta are transforming space for a study or work room! Whether your kid can focus better in a place that’s not their toy-filled bedroom, you need a home office for your new hybrid work setup, or if you’ve always wanteda dedicated place to pursue your interest in classical literature, a dedicated space is the way to go! The basement, while still being a part of the house, is separate enough to feel like its own space. Take advantage by renovating it with built-in desks,storage, and soundproofing!

Spare Room For Guests or Rent

With costs of everything skyrocketing over the past few months, more people are considering the value of a spare room. If you’re in a comfortable position, your spare room could be a nice amenity to offer guests when they come to visit, or to offer up to family or friends who are in a tight place. In a tight place yourself? Invest in a basement remodel and build a spare room or basement suite that you can rent for extra cash. If your basement has walk-out access, this can be a very profitable space-sharing solution!

Big Toy Space

Have you (or your spouse or kids!) ever dreamed of having a room full of big, arcade-style entertainment? From a VR gaming space, to a place to house pinball machines and pool tables, your basement can be a place for fun. Hire a handyman in NJ to help with the remodel to make sure that these heavy, power-hungry devices mesh well with your existing structure, or to remove non-supporting walls safely. No matter what you want to use your basement for, it’s important to work with a skilled handyman in NJ to remodel your basement.
Basement contractors in Sparta know how to complete your desired modifications safely and easily, so call today to start your next basement project!