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If you want to add more space to your home without expanding its overall footprint, you have two choices: Build up, or build below! For many NJ homeowners, finding a basement builder to add a basement underneath of your house is a smart idea. But how can you find the best basement builders in New Jersey? Try these top tips.

Ask Around

Like any major contracting job, you’d do well to seek out the advice and opinions of those you trust. Do you have any family members, friends, or neighbors who have had a basement built under their NJ home recently? See how their process went, and, most importantly, if they would recommend their trusted basement building team to you!

Read Reviews

If you don’t know anyone else who is adding a basement, you can turn to the wide world of people online to see their reviews. Do some searches and check out your local companies that advertise basement building and basement remodels in Sparta, NJ. Make sure to consider what the reviews say and the company’s response to these comments for a well-rounded view.

Ask The Right Questions

Once you’ve found a few basement builders who may be able to do your job, come up with a list of questions. How long with the project take? Will it disrupt the use of your home? Can you still work from home while your basement is being built? These are all very important questions for you to discuss with your basement builder. You may also have questions about other custom installs or construction that you can do at the same time—it never hurts to ask!

If you aren’t sure where to start looking for a construction company to build a basement for you, Around the House is a great place to start! Build a basement today and enjoy it through the holiday season!