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When big kitchen remodels come up, you almost certainly need to hire a handyman! But if you just want a few little changes, do you really need to hire someone? The handyman team at Around the House loves to come out for kitchen remodels big and small, and want to share some tips for your DIY needs. Here are a few kitchen projects you can do yourself, and a few you should definitely hire a handyman for!

DIY: Faucet Replacement

Is your kitchen sink leaking up a storm, or have you always wanted one with a pull-down sprayer faucet? Swapping out a kitchen faucet can be surprisingly easy with just a few tools. You should be able to manage this one on your own!

Hire it Out: Plumbing Overhaul

For major plumbing work, leave it to the experts! You can cause leaks that can lead to major water damage, not to mention wasting thousands of dollars and valuable clean water. Let a professional handyman address your big plumbing needs.

DIY: Replace a Garbage Disposal

If your disposal is on the fritz, an old one can be an easy fix! Most disposals stay the same from year to year, meaning you can usually swap the old one with a new one of the same model without having to adjust pipes or other connections.

Hire it Out: Install a New Garbage Disposal

If there has never been a garbage disposal under your sink, call an expert in plumbing and handyman services! You need to make sure that all the pipes align, including your drain pipe, and may need special backflow prevention devices installed, depending on your location. Don’t let that gross sewer water seep back into your sink—let a pro handle it!

DIY: Painting

Paint is one of the fastest and easiest ways to change the look of your home. If you have the time and motivation, do it yourself! Worst case scenario, the paint is a little uneven, but you will have saved hundreds!

Hire it Out: Major Kitchen Remodels

For new cabinet installations, moving walls, electrical work, gas work, or advanced plumbing, let the experts handle it. A skilled handyman can achieve these tasks easily and without mistakes—so let them!

Whether you need a handyman from the start, or your DIY project has taken a sharp turn toward disaster, the team at Around the House can help! Call today to schedule a handyman to help remodel your kitchen in New Jersey today!