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Another freezing cold NJ winter is on the way! Is your basement strong enough to survive the winter—or will your new basement in NJ be in good enough shape? Keep reading to find out the best tips and tricks from basement contractors and basement builders near you!

Winter Tips for Old Basements

Is your basement letting all your heat out? Most builders today install plenty of insulation around your NJ basement to make sure it is ready for the winter. But if you have an older home, or just an unfinished crawl space, your heat may be escaping from below. Your best bet is to call a basement remodeling contractor in NJ to help you find air leaks and seal these with effective products made just for basements—or to put new insulation in for a big project!

Winterizing Tips for New Basements

For newer homes, most of your basement work should have been done when the contractors build your new basement in Sparta, NJ. Your ongoing maintenance should be limited to inspecting the basement for any signs of leaks (water or air!), ensuring that drainage moves water away from your home instead of toward it, and making sure insulation is in good condition. Basements are always easier to work on before the house goes up!

Winter Basement Remodel Projects

If you want a great return on investment, remodel your basement. Winter is a perfect time for these projects, as your team of basement remodel contractors in Sparta doesn’t have to freeze in the cold! Whether you want to give your 70s-fabulous basement a modern remodel, or if you have a dirt floor and exposed pipes, your basement remodeling team in NJ can help you come up with something that makes your home even better.

Is your basement ready for the winter? As long as it is in good condition before the snow falls, your basement should entertain you for years. If it has problems, call Around the House Handyman in NJ for help!