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Basement renovations are hot in New Jersey today! In fact, handyman services and home remodelers in Sparta, New Jersey, are seeing more requests to help remodel and renovate basements in NJ than ever. One of the questions our team of remodelers often gets is: can I legally rent out my remodeled basement in New Jersey? Keep reading to find out!

Livable Vs. Rentable Basement Remodels in New Jersey
First and foremost, when thinking about remodeling your NJ basement, consider the difference between “livable” and “rentable.” Many spaces that are suitable for living are not suitable for renting (especially as a shared apartment), as they lack the basic features of a full home. Your basement may be safe to inhabit, but whether it is properly fitting for renting as a separate unit is far different.

Renting a Shared Home With A Remodeled Basement
In most cases, homeowners call a basement builder to remodel their basement for personal or family use. This could mean putting a teen’s bedroom downstairs, having a separate space for aging parents to stay when they visit, or having a spare room for that brother who just can’t seem to keep an apartment. In many of these informal situations, all your basement needs is to be safe, livable, and pleasant for the occupant. You can DIY this, or you can call an expert basement remodeler in Sparta to help.

Basement Remodelers Build Basement Apartments
The biggest challenge when remodeling a basement is to try to convert it to a separate, legal apartment. This requires far more work, including a separate, dedicated entryway, full access to a separate kitchen and bathroom facilities, various space and size requirements, and permits from the state and local municipalities. Our team of basement builders can help throughout this process, but not everyone needs this.

Consider your basement needs and planned use, and share with your basement remodeler for specific tips and tricks to renovate your basement with ease!